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Nina Kraviz has been CANCELLED

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On 11/1/2019 at 12:50 PM, Det Bluto said:

Can we isolate this into just a fashion perspective and agree that for whatever reason, all people look terrible with cornrows? 100% of the time. It never should even get to this point. 


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Yes, the best way to end racism is to create more fractures and resentment based on nothing but skin color. Bold strategy. 

from my pov the clickbait circuit is taking advantage of what might otherwise be easily resolvable misunderstandings. but, the way that it's all arranged on social media/twitter,etc, people fucking co

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Imma grow my pubes out and make cornrows with them to stick it to the status quo. Culturally appropriate THAT

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3 hours ago, Gocab said:

Yes, because Lenny Kravitz =/=Nina Kraviz.


3 hours ago, dr lopez said:

black and jewish defeats russian and jewish

new rule is you can only get percentage of corn rows to equal percentage of African American DNA in your DNA. so, by this rule lenny kravitz can only have 50% of his hair in corn rows at any one time. 

both my parents were adopted so i have no family tree to link me to a hair style and this is why i'm going bald as a default. 

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In July of this year, Mixmag ran a cover story titled, “How Richie Hawtin transformed electronic music again and again and again”. The British clubbing publication, which released its debut issue in 1983 with American black disco group Shalamar on the cover, supposedly formalized techno for global consumption, according to a 2015 retrospective in The Independent; techno and acid house were not imported into the UK until 1988, a year after Phuture’s ‘Acid Tracks’ was released. Much of electronic music history favors the work of Hawtin as the most influential Detroit DJ and producer and decades after the “invention” of techno in Detroit, Mixmag staged Richie Hawtin as the standard for what an electronic music icon could look like. 

The story, written by longtime music journalist and previous FACT contributor Joe Muggs, describes Canada-native Hawtin’s technical expertise and how he “dreamed of releasing on Derrick May’s Transmat or Juan Atkins’s Metroplex but [was] unable to get the attention of [his] idols” and instead founded his own label, Plus 8, in 1990.

Five years after the label’s inception, James Stinson of Drexciya asked a vital and an unanswered question while being interviewed by Melody Maker: “Why do Richie and his Plus 8 family come down here and throw parties in downtown Detroit?… [He] brings in all these kids from the suburbs and from Canada and that shows a lack of respect. I’ve been to every one of those parties and I’ve never heard an Underground Resistance record, a Cybotron record, a Model 500 record or an Eddie Fowlkes record. It’s a total lack of respect and it’s got to stop.”


Fast-forward to October 2019. Siberian DJ/producer Nina Kraviz posts a picture of herself on Twitter wearing cornrows, prompting significant critique. When confronted, Kraviz responded: “Facts checking [sic]. For those who didn’t know. I am not white european [sic]. Braids is [sic] a part of many cultures. Heres [sic] is an opinion from a history teacher.” The “opinion” was delivered via a screengrab from Quora, a user-edited question-and-answer website. Braids and cornrows are known traditional African hairstyles that became functional during the transatlantic slave trade and were eventually used as a mode of secret communication between slaves through designs that could replicate maps to free areas in America. Kraviz is not the first to receive backlash for appropriating hair-braiding – one Kardashian or another has been heralded for pioneering different braided styles throughout the decade – nor is she the first to deny acknowledgment of the hurt in the callouts that follow, opting to declare the backlash an instance of reverse-racism. [Ed. note: There is no such thing as reverse-racism.]

Two months later Mixmag honored Kraviz by putting her in the no. 6 spot on its Top 10 DJs of the Year list. Her entry, which has since been amended, read: “She endures. The Siberian DJ may have triggered a minor tweetstorm with her ill-judged response to criticism of her hairstyle, but she remains the single biggest festival draw on the planet and genuinely innovative, emotional and evocative DJ of singular vision and accomplishment. Still Techno’s brightest star.”


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lol, that guy is terrible. he was the one who went to an afx gig in new york just so he could complain about white people on twitter.

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depends, if it's specific people maybe the white people did something wrong, if it's some dumb generalisation, then maybe they're just racist. he seems to fall into the latter camp.

he's just released an album on planet mu though, which is pretty good. atmospheric saxophone noodling with skittery percussion.

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16 minutes ago, caze said:

he's just released an album on planet mu... atmospheric saxophone noodling with skittery percussion.

So, basically, music for perverts? 

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