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Help - slowly losing my little mind..............


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Hi all....

So yep, got me new keyboard with sliders and knobs and all that. And yep, I can assign said sliders and knobs to different parameters in Reason, BUT....ah, shit, how do I even explain this.  I'll try....

OK, so being able to assign my keyboard to Reason is awesome, but obviously when changing instrument, I need another patch of assigned controllers.  For example, Fader 1 controls my Freq on my Subtractor, and when switching to my Monotone I want it to control the Osc Mix.  What is doing my head properly in, is it's not a case of it does or it doesn't work - it sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't, and totally friggin randomly.  So, I have sussed that I have 10 Presets on the keyboard (M Audio Oxygen 49), and when I go to another preset number and assign different controls for another instrument, it will work.  And then, it won't.  And then try another preset,, and oh, it works again.  It is doing my swede in, properly.  I think I would rather it just didn't work full stop - but to have it kinda working and then suddenly not kinda working - frustrating to say the least.

If anyone could help, I would be eternally grateful...

Hope you are all well...


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