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Steph Horak & Renick Bell - Live at Pirate Studios

Soloman Tump

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Voice, drums and code culled in sequence organize computerized free space into felt expression. Touching the real, folding the happening into a movable framework Horak and Bell sift through tangential possibilities in a serial production of live algorithmic beats and vocalizations. Steph Horak and Renick Bell’s coming together for a collaborative, conditional album widens the scope of the generative improvisation by superimposing a self over the enclosed circumstances of sound.






A very much recommended release, a great blend of processed ghostly vocals from Horak, and trademark electronic blasts from Bell.  Two sessions, 31 and 45 minutes long, plus a short remix from each artist (so nearly 90 minutes work of material here).  Recorded in 2016 in Bristol.




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