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Orior - Still Strange


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Pleasantly surprised to see this released on Halloween, DDS release a second volume of archive material from the super-obscure Orior. Despite (understandably) having never heard of them before I found 2016's Strange Beauty to be a really rich and rewarding listen. 

Orior seem to occupy the space as a missing link between early 80's darkwave post-punk stuff(Cabaret Voltaire/Durutti Column) and the more jazzy early 90's post-rock (Talk Talk/Slint/Tortoise). With plenty of murky nocturnal drones and gently lurching monosynths peeking out from beyond the tape hiss.

This one is a bit more heavy on the drones, but otherwise just as strong as the first. The boomkat hype man isn't being disingenuous when he invokes Vangelis and BoC.


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