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Touareg Rock Thread


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Seeing Tinariwen last night prompted me to check if WATMM had a Touareg Rock / desert blues topic already. It didn't.

But maybe it should. When done right, this is such hypnotic stuff. Check out my favorite Tinariwen track for an example:


A big problem with this stuff is that the albums are often overly slick and produced according to mainstream rock norms. Bombino, for example, is great live but makes terribly glitzy albums.

Pretty much the only albums that don't suffer from (that I know of) are the Guitars from Agadez series. Example:


Anyone else have good examples of this stuff?

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check out sahel sounds label, specially mdou moctar, his afelan album...

you're right about the production aspect of it... here's 2 versions of the same track that confirm what you say... i bet that there's older stuff with not such good production aspect but i've never had the time to look for it...



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Very good illustration of th3 problem. Nice find!

Cool track, too.

Here’s another rough gem. Bombino live in Agadez in 2010. Note there’s not even a bass player on stage.


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