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More than eight years after breaking onto the NDC scene with his Mega Glue Stick EP, Rarney Bubble at last presents D, his debut full-length album and what is sure to be considered a landmark achievement of music in the Trump Era. D is an album that takes a position in an ongoing uncurrent of American music that critique and warp long held social and political traditions about the American landscape, to open up a world that is at times weird and oneiric, occasionally caustic and grotesque, but is never still. (RT06)

I have been instructed by the enigmatic Richie Ball a.k.a. banned member Sup to let you know of a brilliant new record from Rarney Bubble, with many songs featuring the vocal talents of Roger Dancemore. It is an inspirational album that will fill your heart with courage, strength and hope for the future. And not just you, not me...US!



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I loved the EP Rarney Bubble released on Crap Music (damn those were the days...), especially "In Taco Bell". I'll make sure to check this LP out ? Cheers :beer:

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On 11/8/2019 at 11:37 PM, Stock said:

I loved the EP Rarney Bubble released on Crap Music (damn those were the days...), especially "In Taco Bell". I'll make sure to check this LP out ? Cheers :beer:

'in taco bell'...sup is a real character.

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