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Wanted to make a thread where people could post songs that they think have creative or great mixes and then offer a brief explanation of why they enjoy it. Ironic posts and derailing are most welcome, although serious posts are more encouraged, as I am trying to learn how to mix and would like to hear what kinds of things other people listen for which are not on my radar. I'll offer two to get started. 

This one definitely for the clarity in the frequency spectrum: the low end is incredible, but if you listen closely, there is a triangle with a short decay up in the 16 - 20k range which is just as clear and balanced in the mix. The filtered delay on Black Thought's vocal is ridiculous as well, all around inspired work by Bob Power and The Roots. 

I really enjoy Mick Guzauski's mixes, especially his work on the Daft Punk album Random Access Mammaries, but this T.I. track is also a stand out to me. Not a huge fan of using 808s myself, but listening to them mixed like this is another story. Also, the music that I like making never has a lead vocalist, so I can't really imagine the difficulties and time-consuming nature of mixing human voice like Guzauski does it here, like how he handles Pharell's sibilance and those moments where he says 'roof', and then how well the vocal sits in the entire mix. 

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I personally find Voices from the Lake to be very impressive.  There's really a lot of depth but it sounds very minimal due to the clarity.  In this one there's a short high-feedback delay in the sides that blends well with the percussion to generate a strong rhythm.

The whole album is filled with deep sub-bass that isn't intuitively noticed because of how well it blends with the rhythm of the track.  The levels are all perfectly balanced, too.

Also, the sequencing of the decay on the snare is an expertly subtle way of strengthening the rhythm using tension and release.

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On 11/9/2019 at 10:31 AM, drillkicker said:

There's really a lot of depth but it sounds very minimal due to the clarity.

Superb! Interesting point about the decay of the snare sound being instrumental for tension/release. 

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