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I woke up this morning and I remembered this track was coming out, and it actually made me smile (also I've got the rest of the week off, and having a rather excellent success with a top bird...anyway that's enough detail about that!)

A voice whispered in my mind Vortrack the new Squarepusher release is coming out soon...

Yep all is good in the world ?

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1 hour ago, andrd said:

They probably wanted to announce after the box set shipped out so it didn't overshadow it completely


You might be right. This right here was sent out in the WXAXRXP newsletter. I feel like it might be the single.


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Unrelenting breakbeats, gimmee! High hopes for this, the audio aesthetics of that mix sounded much more like that classic Squarepusher sound than a lot of his stuff over the last few years. Don't care whether they're old or new tracks but I'm addicted to that sound.

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This site is online now but there is no content. The "Accept Cookies" bar on the bottom reminds me of the one in Aphex's Bleepstore. We might be getting a Squarepusher Bleepstore.


Looking through the "Sources" of the website...


...it has a cart and other things related to it...


...and it is made by Ochre just like the Aphex bleepstore and others.

EDIT 2: 


Vortrack has been seen on the link above but it was removed after some time. It is counting down (to the announcement date, maybe?).

The countdown will end on 15:00 GMT, Wednesday (if I calculated correctly).

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Yowsas, somehow missed this thread initially. So hyped, the Warp 30 [ ] < was a monster. Pusher bleepstore would be amazeballs, particularly if some gems from early eras end up on there.

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Is it possible that Vortrack might be the Rome Track?

A certain chunk of my brain will simultaneously be set free, and then be almost instantly destroyed. 

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