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Positive Education Festival (Saint-Etienne, France) https://positiveeducation.fr/

I bought a pass just to see Aisha Devi, Zuli and Gabor Lazar live, and they deliver. I barely ever go out anymore but I'll spend the money if I think it'll worth it (prior to that, last gigs I've been to were Aphex at Funkhaus and Autechre in Lyon, France), and I'm glad I went out of my cave for that one. I can't really rank these 3 shows, each had its charms and strength.

Aisha Devi : intense, heavy as fuck yet ethereal at times, shamanic / ritualistic, massive live-set. Incredible performer as well, what an impressive vocalist. A physical experience too. Bought her 2 most recent releases right away when I came back home.

Zuli : "amazing set" as I simply told him when I walked into him later on. Seems to be a really nice chap too. Mostly rythmic, going through many different tempi in an organic and spontaneous way, quite unpredictable as well. Reminiscent of Ae at times, in a raw, hip-hopish way too. Zuli had a huge, generous smile on his face during the whole set, it felt like he was really happy to share the moment : utterly enjoyable bonus. 

Gabor Lazar : I was so looking forward to his set. Reminds me a lot of his Boiler Room one (that I've listened to countless times). I'd say it was half remixed Unfold material, half exclusive tunes... and those new ones are beyond fantastic. I'd say it sounded like an ultra-futuristic take on electro à la Model 500, with some of the sharpest sound-design I've heard. I can not wait for his next EP/LP, it was stellar. The "headiest" one of the bunch though.

I wish I could have bought a beer to each of them, I've attended tons of (awesome) live sets in the past and these 3 performances were awe inspiring and genuinely blissful. Some the finest I've been too really, I don't even regret challenging my dormant agoraphobia ^^

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