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Tech bros find epic flow at Daybreaker's drug-free breakfast rave

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Fergo’s here because he’s got a tech background and attends all manner of startup incubating events to hear what the “entrepreteenagers” – as he calls the young folk who attend – are up to next. He saw Brimer speak at StartCon in Sydney last November. “I like to watch cultural change,” he says. “It sometimes evolves into something greater. Who knows, maybe next year there’ll be dance parties before work every day.”

David and Scott are grooving along in wigs and floral frocks left over from David’s muumuu-themed birthday party. “I saw Matt speak at a conference in San Francisco and it lit me up,” says David, a personal development coach. “He mentioned Daybreaker and I thought one should be started here, then I did some googling and found this.”






Aldous Huxley warned us about this.

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