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Aphex spotted playing ambient live

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Videos of him playing with Hokeysmith are online, can't share because they are on private Facebook groups. 

Live at Falmouth Art Gallery... I'll try record pc screen and share here 



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couldn't care less what sonic palette he uses as long as the rhythm-melody-harmony is interesting and yeah, most of his recent output isn't very interesting aside from the occasional banger or timeles

come on you cunt let’s have some aphex ambience 

This was the imminent Aphex Twin collab guys! 

A shitty facebook video recorded from an art gallary with a singing lady. 

Now we can go on with our lives.. see u in 10 years! ?

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9 hours ago, indulin said:

Richard making an album with vocals like this would be totally awesome.

anything other than the sound he's been exploring since syro would be interesting 

edit: imho

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clarified hopefully
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lol that one that comes in right at the end is such a monster, it's sounded slightly different every set he's played it at. Really curious to see what a released version would sound like, like it both faster with drums (coachella) & slow without (turin)

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16 hours ago, Lachesi said:

plus:  ...hey where's the famous second penis?  :emotawesomepm9:

To be fair, we just see the upper half of her body ...

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