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dgoHn - dgoHn EP - APAH020

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Some nice track selekshens

New album out next year according to a comment from the man himself on his Facebook page.

https://sq.lnk.to/APHA020DDS 6th December 2019 edit:  

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 album can be previewed on their sc



BUY >>> bit.ly/APHA020

dgoHn - dgoHn EP
A1. Sporks
A2. Dolorous Dick'ead
AA1. Acacia Road
AA2. Lost and Found
Ltd Edition 12” Vinyl & Download Released: 06/12/2019

Astrophonica welcomes veteran producer dgoHn to the family. Through releasing music over the past decade, dgoHn aka John Cunnane has acquired a cult following and gained DJ support from figure heads like Thom Yorke, Tom Ravenscroft and Aphex Twin.
2009 saw Rephlex Records release his collaborative album ‘Some Shit Saaink’ with fellow drumcunt Macc. Sitting somewhere between Jungle, Drumfunk, Experimental Jazz and brutal sub bass, dgoHn’s music is intense in both mania and serenity.

“dgoHn has long since been one of my favourite producers in the left-field jungle or ‘drumfunk’ world. He has a knack of applying brain melting beat science without ever interrupting the groove and rhythm of the track. It’s something that few people can do, and he seems to effortlessly. There’s also a certain sadness and melancholy to his chords and fleeting melodies, which creates a beautiful contrast to the frantic drum madness. Amongst all this, there is a lot of bass, real Jungle bass, that anchors but also adds the ‘sound system’ edge to the mix, resulting in something very unique.” - Fracture

‘Sporks’ takes the 160bpm half time tempo that has become synonymous with the label and throttles full speed into a driving bongo led rush of euphoric pads and deadly sub bass. Have you ever danced with a murderer?

‘Dolorous Dick’ead’ is an explosion of paradoxical emotions where hyperenergetic Jungle breaks and introverted chords meet to create an intense journey through a tape saturated landscape.

‘Acacia Road’ continues the modern 160bpm theme, but diverts into a trance like state with meditative pads and metronome-like poly rhythmic percussion as familiar breaks are elevated towards enlightenment.

In ‘Lost and Found’, a wonderfully crusty break is slowly polished by wistful pads to wipe away the tears before the Amen edits are slowly uncovered to reveal a hidden shiny metallic underlay. Blinding.


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On 11/27/2019 at 7:24 AM, draft said:

I'll give it a try, dug some of his stuff before. Trying to remember what, though.

He has got a lot of wicked tunes, here's a few that I particularly enjoyed:





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2 minutes ago, StephenG said:

This ep pounds, love it. Dolorous dick’ead might be my fav track of his so far. 

how do you guys pronounce dgoHn anyway?

it's pronounced John

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