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Bass Communion - Dronework


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Dronework was originally recorded in 2003 during the sessions for Ghosts on Magnetic Tape. It didn’t belong with the rest of the music on that album, but was later released as a standalone EP, first as an on-demand CDR in 2004, then on factory-pressed CD in 2008 (limited to 1,000 copies.) 

It was then unavailable for many years, until early 2019 when I was approached by two labels keen to reissue Dronework in physical form (one on the newly resurgent cassette format). Rather than a straight reissue, I decided to revisit the original source material and to create new versions of the piece. The CD version contains a remaster of the original track, but also two new versions and a remix by :Zoviet*France:. The cassette edition consists of the original and another new mix not present on the CD version. This download version includes all of the music from across both CD and cassette editions.


released November 13, 2019 

Dronework original was recorded in August 2003. All other versions created in 2019 using the original elements as a starting point, but with the addition of several new sounds and layers. 

Tracks 1,3, 4 and 5 created by Steven Wilson. Track 2 remixed by :Zoviet*France:


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