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Arthur Russell - Iowa Dream


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I'm a massive fan so gonna post it, probably sink like a stone tho. 


One of my least favourite releases of his so far. Desperately want some more disco but sadly probably won't get it. Not to say there aren't some great moments on this record. Poor Arthur. 

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5 minutes ago, Klart said:

I'm massive fan as well. Prefer his disco or cello experiments to his country stuff.

im liking " i kissed a girl from outer space"  has a taste of his experimental side on there. 

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listened to this on the NTS stream last night, wonderful stuff. Love Is Overtaking Me is my favourite release of his, so it's nice to have something more in that vein, though this is a bit weirder than that in places too.

I love his more experimental stuff, instrumental/orchestral stuff, and the disco stuff too; but he's also just a great songwriter.

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