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Clark - Daniel Isn't Real Soundtrack


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This shit is Clark's best work this year imo! I'm pulling my face of/you're pulling my face of/tickling a nutter/volatile along with beautiful ambient tunes like spiral crackerjack and snowflake banger make for a beautiful set of tunes

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    • By thumbass
      He posted this yesterday, what could it be?

    • By Rubin Farr
      April 2 - Re-Textured - London, UK
      May 10 - Philharmonie - Paris, France
      July 30 - Dekmantel Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • By Soloman Tump
      RE-TEXTURED is a multi-venue, multi-sensory festival for London and the UK. The festival combines experimental electronic music, modernist and industrial architecture and innovative lighting installations for the ultimate visual and sonic experience.

      Mint lineup of techno types. 
    • By Soloman Tump
      Taken from today's LittleBig mailout:
      edit:  https://clark.bandcamp.com/album/branding-problem
      After personally not feeling the Kiri release, I am excited for this.
    • By o00o
      Chris Clark returns with the much anticipated follow up to 'Body Riddle' & 'Turning Dragon' with "Totems Flare", out 13th July 2009. 'Totems Flare' will be sure to blow your mind, an album that his last EP 'Growl's Garden' only hinted at, in terms of potential.
      Eight years, five albums, untold EP tracks and stints living in Brighton, Birmingham and Berlin later, Clark's sound is more developed than ever - Totems Flare is an elegant meeting of past and present sounds.
      Chris sees Body Riddle (2006), Turning Dragon (2008) and Totems Flare (2009) as forming a “trilogy”. These albums have seen a steady and clear progression, from the baroque melodics of 'Body Riddle' through the hard techno drive of 'Turning Dragon' to 'Totems Flare', which combines the key qualities of both into yet another huge leap forward.
      The increase in ambition, scale and panache of 'Totems Flare' is as big as that which 'Body Riddle' represented, and early reactions suggest the public response could be at least as significant. And, vitally, this further leap forward came naturally.
      “The only hard thing with this album,” says Chris, “was selecting the tracks: I've got so many that it was a constant process of editing and chiselling down the structure until it was completely watertight. I've got enough tracks..... I could stop writing new tunes for the next three years if I wanted to, but I can't resist it....I'm already gone off on another plane. T'will be interesting melding this with the new Totem live show.”
      Standby for more info and previews to follow soon!
      Digital Tracklisting
      01 - Outside Plume (04.21)
      02 - Growls Garden (04.59)
      03 - Rainbow Voodoo (04.36)
      04 - Look Into The Heart Now (04.02)
      05 - Luxman Furs (04.08)
      06 - Totem Crackerjack (05.21)
      07 - Future Daniel (04.09)
      08 - Primary Balloon Landing (01.17)
      09 - Talis (03.07)
      10 - Suns Of Temper (05.40)
      11 - Absence (03.10)
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