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Theta - Reclaimed Structures


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Theta - Reclaimed Structures

Theta is an artist based in Tromso, Norway.

He develops sounds that are inspired by nature and technology, but mostly by the interaction and thresholds between the two and the dystopias this interaction can lead to. The result is often close to dark ambient, soaked through tamed noise passages that carry a crust punk tonality which flirts with existential black metal.

The EP was released today on the Acroplane Recordings store at www.acroplane.org

It will then be released via Bleep, Boomkat, Juno, Addictech and the usual big stores one week later, ie Monday 2nd December 2019.

Cover art by Shift: http://futurorg.com
Mastered by Ashmus Mastering

If you're interested in reviewing the EP for your publication please email [email protected] for a promo.


1. Kink
2. Kraken
3. Paramedic
4. Vermin


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