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Bristolian hard dance act Giant Swan having been tearing roofs off of raves for a fair few years now. The duo of Robin Stewart and Harry Wright make a skull-shaking kind of club music, one that bludgeons you with a raggedy, scuzzed-up take on EBM and industrial techno. After a string of EPs for labels like Whities, Mannequin and FuckPunk, Giant Swan kick-start the Keck Records imprint with their first full-length album.





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Never heard of these guys, but I was scrolling through posts and thought 'Giant Swan'?, um ok, maybe not.

Then I accidentally clicked into the thread, followed the Bandcamp link, now excited to go pick this up in a local shop today. Love this!


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I saw these guy live recently as well, was a good time, not so keen on the home listening experience though, works much better cranked to the limits on a sweaty dancefloor than on a pair of cans in an armchair.

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