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RX-101 - Serenity (suction050 2LP/CD/digital)


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Although not much info yet, but little heads up for upcoming 2LP called Serenity by RX-101. Sometimes around October or so. Straight from the horses mouth:

"Acetate of RX-101's next 2LP, "Serenity"... For those who were lucky enough to have heard Erik's old Soundcloud dump (long since removed) some of these tracks have been among the most eagerly anticipated for release, while other tracks on this record never made it to Soundcloud and will be heard for the first time here on "Serenity"... "

Cool sound snippet of Acetate (008 - B#001 from the tapes) on the FB:


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RX-101 "Serenity" (suction050 2LP/CD/digital).

Release date 01/24/2020 - PRE-ORDER link soon....

Don't let the title fool you - Suction Records' latest dive into Rx-101's 1997-1999 tape archive is not all lush, serene melodies. On "Serenity," scorched, crunchy, jackhammer beats combine with emotional, plaintive pads, delivering a classic set of vintage-Rephlex-style bliss, a la AFX, Caustic Window, and Cylob.


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RX-101 "Hearts Utd."
From the forthcoming album, "Serenity" (suction050 2LP/CD/digital). Release date 02/14/2020.
Video directed by Robert Fantinatto and Aidan Fantinatto.

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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to RX-101 - Serenity (suction050 2LP/CD/digital)

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