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Wanted, Brainwaltzera since most of you hate them.


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Hehehe, hello spiral I have been.

Span na I don't buy any CDs anymore.

All I'm missing is the Bulk comment now and my watmm is complete.

Fucking brilliant guys always loved this mockery. 

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      Analogical Force and Furthur Electronix have teamed up to release a new anonymous series to make you think "who is this? is this someone i am familiar with trying to sound like Aphex or is it someone i'm not familiar with trying to sound like Aphex?"
      If you are put off by the quality of the first 2 tracks, check out the 3rd!
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      Just a small heads up. 5 new tracks + brainwaltzera mix. TBA soon

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      Released Via Touched Music & Bleep
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      So much wow, so excite, analogical force has uploaded a video to facebook that seems to announce a forthcoming release of brainwaltzera (user 0000008673). No date or further information. A few months ago we were speculating a lot about RDJ or mike paradinas behind this account. I've lost some info?

      Marzipan was one of the best records this year. Absolutely can't wait to see what this vinyl is about.
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      hard drive:
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