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vst Sequencers.

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42 minutes ago, iococoi said:

Heh, this harvest thing looks like a more advanced version of what I am trying to build using Pure Data. I wonder if there are any good ideas to steal get inspired by.

I can say for sure that this randomized/generative approach is Really Damn Good for inspiring and getting started on a jam session.

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On 12/1/2019 at 4:20 AM, acid1 said:


Mini renoise in a VST. The most overlooked, underpriced, IDM in a window possible.

This so much. I've recently bought it and am absolutely ecstatic. I started learning trackers with OpenMPT (great bit of soft too, can even open .mod files, like the deus ex game soundtrack!) but needed a more daw-friendly approach.

It's not even Redux but tracker-style production in general just enables you to do intricate stuff in a much more engaging way, to me at least. Mouseclicking midi-notes in is just deathly boring.

Regarding sequencers in general, I've been down this rabbit hole and am convinced that there are no good software sequencers (except trackers lol). If you want good sequencing, fork out some money for a hw unit.

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