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The Gasman - Recording Noises


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    • By Herr Jan
      Another Gasman album just dropped today, sounding very danceable / summer-y :)
      Bright Line features full length versions of most of the tracks from the 2 4X4 mixes plus 2 new tracks.   Also available on tape (limited to 50).  
    • By Ifeelspace
      Another fine Gasman release has recently become available. https://thegasman.bandcamp.com/album/morgue-party-time
    • By fumi
      Archive stuff from a very talented but underrated artist.
      200 tracks.
    • By Ifeelspace
      10 minute clip on BBC Iplayer for those that can listen.
    • Guest gasmanmusic
      By Guest gasmanmusic
      Due to a lack of funds I thought I would bring forward the release of Quartz by Meatman on Gasmanmusic.
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