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Excellent free sample looping tool

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This has probably been around for quite a while, and it's Windows only, but I'd never heard of it before and it works great:




Free, no installation or anything - just a single EXE file, and has a good UI and feature set.

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Not sure if it makes sense as a VST, because it seems to be taking full WAV samples as input, and giving a stitched together loop WAV as output.

VST as an effect normally works on individual audio samples (like 24 bit values of amplitude), it's like a different thing entirely. Actually I am pretty sure this explanation of mine is crap, but I think it's correct to say that in order to stitch together the samples, you need to have them existing already, instead of working directly on an audio feed.

Damn I wish I paid attention at school when they explained how filters work..

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It's a tool for editing loop points and generally preparing files for (mainly) hardware samplers. Found it when I was looking for a decent alternative to the loop tuner in Sound Forge Pro.



Preparing a few individual looping samples is usually easier to just do in the hardware IMO, but if you're doing some kind of big, multisampled instrument then it gets pretty cumbersome. This looks like it will be great for that kind of job.

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