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David Bowie's Life on Mars reimagined by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

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Fucking hell. Has anyone heard this at the end of this week's episode? Sublime and haunting reimagining version of the old classic.


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it's a great fucking show. period. i'm a fan of the movie.. several times watched the ultimate cut which is really long.. so, i'm stoked on this series. everything about it is amazingly good.  regina king is great in everything. the music and score etc is all fucking ace. really great. the writing for every episode is absent of any needless filler. it's all so damn good.. done gushing. just watch it. 

edit: ha.. and yeah.. their version of life on mars is overwhelming. was a great cap to the episode. 

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yup. read the comics in anticipation of the snyder movie a while back. i thought them movie was pretty good though I understand some of the complaints about snyder not 'getting' the comics by making the violence cool and stylized etc but still it was pretty entertaining. the new show on the other hand is on another level.  I've been enjoying every minute of it even though some of it is pretty painful to watch. I love how the cast sells some of the bizarre concepts introduced in the show so well. There should be a spoiler space for it here somewhere.  


also, im from Tulsa originally so it's interesting to see it portrayed here. There seemed to be a shot of the actual skyline in the first episode though most of it is obviously not Tulsa.

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