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Touched By Silence (Box) Touched Music

Touched Music

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A Wooden Box Set 

11 CDS Housed In A Wooden Box With  Design From The Designers Republic.

9 Artists Albums And A 2 Disc Compilation 

** The Future Sound Of London CD Is Exclusive To The BOX, SO NO Digital** Boxes Ship In January



Touched By Silence 

 Albums From 

 The Future Sound Of London 



Mick Chillage 


Anders Ilar

Joel Tammik

Autumn Of Communion 

Eric ‘the’ Taylor

 Artists On The Compilation 


James Bernard

The Orb

David Morley


Higher Intelligence Agency


DF Tram

Karsten Pflum


Mr Ll


Dub Tractor


Richard H Kirk


SI Matthews 

Lorenzo Montana

Gabriel Le Mar Meets Ingo ito

David Bessell

Atom TM

You can hear A Preview Of The Box On Friday The 13th Before release On http://mixlr.com/touched_music/

BUY Friday Night After The Preview Here - https://touched.bandcamp.com/merch 






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45 minutes ago, purlieu said:

The Apertures track that starts the compilation is the debut track by a collaborative project between Brian Dougans and myself. Just a heads up for FSOL fans!

Congrats man! 

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1 hour ago, purlieu said:

The Apertures track that starts the compilation is the debut track by a collaborative project between Brian Dougans and myself. Just a heads up for FSOL fans!

Awesome, congrats!

The box set looks fantastic, so best of luck with it Mr. Touched ?

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Having observed Touched since the beginning I have gotta say you should take a moment to reflect on how far this has come Martin, like and entire exclusive FSOL LP on your label, holy sh*t! Imagine telling your 2013 self that would actually occur! Beautiful looking box!

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Sounds so cool but man I don’t think I could ever sit through those Touched comps unless if I set aside everything else to review for a bit lmaooo. I appreciate the fact it’s for a good cause tho! Perhaps this series is a bit easier in terms of track time

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      Every time there's a new release there's normally a fair bit of discussion in the relevant thread, so I thought it was about time to start a general FSOL thread. Also, I just started a new blog called Fractional Difference, in which I'll be going through every release and song, in order, and looking at various things... all the facts, connections with other tracks, and my own personal feelings about them. It's going to take forever (they released 180 tracks on the launch of FSOLDigital alone), but I'm quite looking forward to revisiting the whole catalogue over the next however long it takes.
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      **OUT NOW**
      Scanner - The Signal Of A Signal Of A Signal 
      Limited Picture Disc 

    • By fumi
      Wow. This is a pleasant surprise. Most of 2020 has been full of rather unpleasant ones.
      Part 3 in this long running series. I remember picking up the first one back in the mid-90s - back when I was slimmer and had more hair.
      I'm still very fond of the first two in the series, especially the first one. I'm sure there will be some interesting pieces on here too.
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