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user77099097 - Up At Lenrock

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Our latest full-length cassette has just been released, this time from user77099097. Here's the blurb:

The super-mysterious user77099097 first came to our attention when the icy, dubby Up At Lenrock was first uncovered by the equally mysterious ColorSquad collective. The origins of this crisp and spacious album are still unknown - it appears to have been sourced from some tapes found in late 2018 - although its true age has yet to be determined. Clearly, there are SAW-era Aphex vibes here, or perhaps a tinge of BoC, but make of it what you will. Either way, it's atmospheric, sparse, and wintery - perfect for this time of year.

Digi also available from https://gatedrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/up-at-lenrock



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55 minutes ago, petsim said:

This is great.

Definitely one for the winter

Thanks, I agree.

Silver cassettes have sold out now, quicker than I expected.

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4 hours ago, petsim said:

This is great.

Definitely one for the winter

It is. Chilly stuff. Opening tracks threaten to go on a Monolake appreciation spree, but luckily it gets a lot more diverse after that. ?

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5 hours ago, gated said:

that's more or less the same one, but we took out a few tracks to make it work for the cassette, and of course mastered it.

oh ok. mastering sounds great!

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