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Recycled Plastics - Boredom Composed


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New compilation of tracks from the variety of aliases from resident polymath Brian Grainger aka Milieu/Coppice Halifax/Bike/etc. 

Lush beats, merry melodies, spacey drones...what's not to love?



(also a great starting point into a VERY deep back catalogue for those who haven't dipped in yet.)


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20 hours ago, StephenG said:

This is a great label. 

Thank you Stephen! And thank you Mr. Life for the free promo!

This record is one I've wanted to make for years, and only now do I have enough (publicly divulged) aliases to carry it out.

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20 hours ago, Extralife said:

It sure is. Check out Edith Keeler if you haven’t yet.

Haven't yet, thank you for the recommendation! 

48 minutes ago, Mellow U said:

Thank you Stephen! And thank you Mr. Life for the free promo!

This record is one I've wanted to make for years, and only now do I have enough (publicly divulged) aliases to carry it out.

Wow, ok two things - I didn't realize you were behind Recycled Plastics as a label. And I read the release description too quickly and didn't see that these are all your aliases!

You must never sleep! 

Placed my order. Is the title a reference to Boredoms Rebore by chance? (https://www.discogs.com/artist/32328-Boredoms)

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20 minutes ago, StephenG said:

these are all your aliases!

Yes, and that isn't even all of the ones I use. This has to be some kind of mental condition...

20 minutes ago, StephenG said:

I didn't realize you were behind Recycled Plastics

Most of the time. Sometimes, I'm even in front of it!

20 minutes ago, StephenG said:

You must never sleep! 

I have other people to do that for me.

20 minutes ago, StephenG said:

Placed my order.

Thank you very much! Order received!

21 minutes ago, StephenG said:

a reference to Boredoms Rebore by chance?

Unfortunately no, I've never heard of the thing you linked there. The long running BC## catalog at RP is a series called Bedroom Compost, indicating that the contents of the releases are a mixture of different variants/cultivars of bedroom-produced electronic music. So Boredom Composed is sort of a cheeky, self-deprecating satire of that, and maybe almost a homophone too?

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      Yo WATMM heads, just pinging you here to letcha know that I have been in a housey-funk mood lately with Milieu and now there's an hour of stuff like this at Recycled Plastics. Recommended if you liked Shallow Earth, and bonus points to anyone who can trainspot any of the samples used here. Price capped at $5.55, also!
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      Finally, I've answered some studio-related questions in an interview segment for Synthspotting (Twitter & Facebook) and given them a few badly lit photographs of what the studio looks like right now. I don't know when they will post their Milieu feature, but I will try to update this thread when it happens.
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