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Michael Fakesch - Marion (20th Anniversary Edition) wi Boards Of Canada, Jega *out now*

Goiter Sanchez

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Michael Fakesch's 1999 album 'Marion 'was recently reissued by Bit-Phalanx in a deluxe double cassette/digital edition! It includes unreleased tracks as well as the 3 Demon EPs which have never been officially digitally available until now! BoC fans take note as their remix has only been available as a low quality vinyl rip previously:




Purchase it here: https://bitphalanx.bandcamp.com/album/marion-20th-anniversary-edition


Some tracks included:


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Yeah, lovely stuff! 

Surprised about this being the first time the boc remix was released digitally. Could have sworn I got a proper version of it for a while. 

As always, great boc remix. Of course. 

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Such a slammin' album and these extra bits are delivering. It really was the future at the time but I do detest that BoC mix--did in '99 and even more now. It sounds like all the stems to MHTRTC being played at the same time against the blandest possible beat they had on hand. 

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demon 1 has been available digitally in 320 since at least 2012, but the mp3 i bought sounds worse than the youtube video posted above. yeah, not my favorite boc remix but they kinda had the midas touch with remixes back then, so standards are extremely high

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was record shopping back when and I was suggested to listen to the demon eps.  Funny part is I listened to them at the wrong speed, and it stuck.  Same with aemic beta & aleph.  My ears can't accept them sped up at the normal speed.  This was around the time some friends & I were sniffing ketamine and zoning out to chiastic slide & cichlisuite slowed down, as well as normal speed boc.  It all kind of worked together to create a mind-blowing time in music.

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