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Spectral music


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I just recently discovered the genre of spectral music, and have been quite pleasantly captivated by it.  The textures sound very different from acoustic music that I've heard in the past.  It sounds almost electronic, and really otherworldly.  Taking the minutest timbral characteristics and psychoacoustic phenomena into account when composing is a really interesting way to think of a composition, rather than just euclidean note values and fundamental relationships.  This is what acoustic composition really should be in the modern world, it seems to me.  Does anyone else like this stuff ?

The section beginning at 55:37 and ending at 1:00:08 in the following recording is particularly magical to me.


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''Capricorni Pneumatici began in 1986 as a research project about the esoteric/ritual implications of music and sounds, a full acoustic/concrete music set with voice and other means of producing and manipulating sounds: PVC tubes, air compressors, hammers, buckets, water, steel and aluminum tanks and plates, various metal and plastic objects. CP I was recorded live the 15th of June 1986 at The Cave, a subterranean private location. No electronics of any kind was used during the sessions, no additional mastering or remastering was performed after the recordings. Unpublished parts of the same session have been released on the second CP work, Al-Azif (1987). CP I is inspired by the ancient primordial Chaos Cults and dedicated to Azathoth, the blind, mindless, idiot god which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity.''


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