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Bjork and Microsoft Use AI to Make Music That Changes With the Weather


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53 minutes ago, dr lopez said:

how much are you paid for this stuff

I'm not - I see an article (preferably music-related), and I post it. WATMM has no advertising beyond attributed links, which as of late don't pay anything (not that they really did to begin with).

Can't you just comment on the subject matter, without turning this into a personal dig at me?

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Just gonna post this here again:




Having worked for most of the 2000s on the back end of music related AI, as soon as I hear the term I pretty much stop listening now.  Jaron explains why better than I would.

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this unlisted video popped up at the end... Julianna Barwick doing her thing with the same ideas i guess but i guess MS didn't promote the thing with her, odd....anyway, the album with some of that music on it came out last month:

and a small write-up from RA about it, i think i'd read something else maybe but can't remember now



anyway i listen to JB more these days than Bjork so i'm suggesting maybe check her out too. Nepenthe is fucking amazing.

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I thought of doing something like this with a Disklavier. Have it generate different music based on the amount of people in the room and weather data.

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On 1/18/2020 at 9:46 AM, Lada Laika said:

I make music depending on the weather too.


Sunny: “hee hee hoo hoo weee”

Rainy: *bong rip*
Snowy: “Shiver me timbers”

Volcanoc eruption: “Oof ouch owie my skin”

When is Rainy Daze Bong Ripz Vol.1 coming out ?

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