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The Fear Ratio - They Can't Be Saved [SKAM March 2020]

Soloman Tump

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The duo, who are long-term collaborators have created their own signature style with abstract synths, heavy basslines and experimental soundscapes that fit somewhere in between IDM, electronica and ambient.

Their acclaimed debut album ‘Lightbox’ was initially released in 2011 on Ruskin’s Blueprint Records, featuring remixes from Warp aficionados Plaid and Deadhand. Soon after they formed a long-lasting relationship with cult Manchester based label Skam, with the follow-up album in 2015 ‘Refuge of a twisted soul’.

2018 saw a four track ‘Live EP’ release made up of exclusive versions of their Autechre supporting slot at the Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester.

The Fear Ratio’s third album ‘They Can’t Be Saved’ will be released on Skam on 13th March 2020.


From the ever-important LittleBig e-mail which usually gives some juicy upfront info.

Very excited to see where the project goes next.  SKAM put some new artwork up on their Instagram page over the weekend so I guess it is in relation to this.


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march 13h.

01. Sender
02. Exile
03. Grey Code
04. Small World
05. The Invisible Girl
06. The Curse
07. LM3
08. Captive
09. Game Plan
10. The Final Vision
11. BY3
12. A406


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1 hour ago, dumplings said:

There's already a thread for this

There is already a comment on the fact that there is already a thread for this

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New Fear Ratio next week according to Juno and I am drooling already:


They Can't Be Saved (2xLP)
Cat: SKALP 036. Rel: 13 Mar 20
Grey Code
Small World
The Invisible Girl
The Curse
Game Plan
The Final Vision


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Lol, for a second I thought there is going to be two new Fear Ratio albums. There is a thread already for this. 



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17 minutes ago, zkom said:

Well, now that the topics were merged my comment just looks stupid. Great.


No, it just makes me intrigued about the release a bit more.

Its not up on the SKAM bleepstore yet

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2 minutes ago, Soloman Tump said:

Its not up on the SKAM bleepstore yet

For some reason the Skam Bleepstore doesn't have all of the Skam releases that the Bleep itself has.. For example the Afrodeutsche release is missing.

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