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Mantle of Gets (Luke Williams)


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Cheers for posting this,

there is a Bleep promo mix for these that you can stream here: https://soundcloud.com/uchelfa
...or download for FREE here: https://mantleofgets.bandcamp.com/album/bleep-mix-118-mantle-of-gets

Further socials and Bleep/Ochre store here:

New music and merch soon


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tapes available to preorder from blerp :



Luke Williams (Quinoline Yellow/SKAM Records) once again embraces the music releasing void, as we see him divorce the non-azo dye composite pseudonym of yesteryear and power through with his new Mantle of Gets moniker. With roots spanning north London and darkest mid-Wales, we now find him abandoning the UK for a stronghold in amiable Lisbon, Portugal.

His new Mantle of Gets identifier transitions generative spaces and abrasive abstractions, and lean machined measures and cloaked melodic pulses. This his first release on Miami kingpin Schematic, sees six tracks squeezed into a thirty minute cassette. Caveat Emptor is the follow up to his debut three album series from June of 2020 on his own Uchelfa Recordings imprint.

Long term collaborator Bhatoptics resumes artworking duties to complete the package. Keep your ears peeled for a double-vinyl, full length in the second quarter of 2021.

An online presence can be thumbed through at: http://mantleof.ge/ts

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16 minutes ago, Extralife said:

Yeah it’s real good. I’m embarrassed to say that I have only really listened to his Quinoline Yellow work. What other stuff do I need?

Check the Uchelfa bandcamp https://uchelfa.bandcamp.com/music it has most of the other stuff, click any Tatamax (beatless yet somewhat rhythmic textural stuff) and Tap Throw (jungly) to get a feel, they're pretty different from QY hits

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