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Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans (may 2020)


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Looking forward to this! Kieran's had a range of styles over the years and I definitely enjoy his many sounds, and there's always a good amount of stuff on every release, from Dialogue through to Anna Painting

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On 1/24/2020 at 2:51 PM, goDel said:

16 tracks? is this gonna be a double album? i'm not used to him having these shorter interludes on his albums.

if these are "normal" length tracks - between 3 and 4 mins -  it might just fit within 80 mins, i guess?

01. School (4:02)
02. Baby (4:24)
03. Harpsichord (2:54)
04. Teenage Birdsong (3:25)
05. Romantics (4:57)
06. Love Salad (7:20)
07. Insect Near Piha Beach (5:16)
08. Hi Hello (0:49)
09. ISTM (0:41)
10. Something in the Sadness (5:12)
11. 1993 Band Practice (1:05)
12. Green (3:48)
13. Bubbles at Overlook 25th March 2019 (1:03)
14. 4T Recordings (3:17)
15. This Is for You (2:06)
16. Mama Teaches Sanskrit (4:24)

54:44 :lol:

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(I want to hate this, not sure why)

Just pressed play. First track is very, very catchy. And rather delicious. Yum.

IDM Edgelord over and out.

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Maybe it's because I'm in a good mood and I have next week off but some of theses tracks sound really, really wonderful.

(and trust me I had this firmly in the crosshair of my Hate Ray Gun, and was gonna pull the trigger within seconds, with no remorse!!)

Ahh yes my sonic taste buds seem very happy indeed ?



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Nice to see watmm rallying behind this album especially after such a bummer of a week!

this feels more like a continuation of New Energy than it does a spiritual successor to There is Love In You (I think bleep drew that comparison) but it’s a lovely album all the same. Very meditative which for me personally is a very desirable state to be in given current events. 

love Four Tet and will always be down to hear what he’s working on. Seems like a genuinely good person, too.

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7 minutes ago, ARPA said:

good typography GIF by Victoria Reyes

PS it's pretty good except for the Baby track, it's sucks, IMO it's terrible! ... Romantics has some shite vocals too but not as bad as Baby.

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