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So the secondary school a few miles from us was shut down today with a suspected CV case. Deep clean and re-open Monday is current plan. A kid came back from family skiing trip in Italy at the weekend....

 I used to go to that school when I was a young un.

Its here! 

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grandpa in the ICU .. doctors giving him a 50/50 chance. oof. miserable.

Well after 7 days in a row treating 40-odd patients daily without any available PPE I unsurprisingly came down with coronavirus symptoms on Monday. All feels a bit weird at home as my wife (who also

Thanks Jules!

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Bit difficult to get a read on things at the moment. Our largest generic supplier of medicines has their manufacturing operations based out of various facilities throughout the EU which should not affect distribution to Aus, but its almost impossible to ascertain from them if any parts of their supply chain will be affected by Chinese export restrictions. Either way, media speculation is leading to consumer driven short term supply shortages of medications. 

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17 hours ago, zkom said:

It would be interesting to see some estimates how much this has cut down the global CO2 emissions already.

I was wondering the same. I've read that even a 30% decrease in global avg emissions for a few days could reduce the aerosol masking effect (the unintended 'plus-side' of all the greenhouse gases we've pumped into the atmosphere) to noticeably increase the Earth's surface temp in a short time :/

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cdc people saying 

  • covid-19 reaching pandemic criteria soon
  • outbreak is very likely
  • community transmission is expected
  • becoming a community virus is likely, meaning it *doesnt* go away

hopefully the 2% death rate is based on skewed data, and we can get it lower. still, fuck. 

would be nice if vaccine turn-around were "fairly quick" as trump says. but experts say the projection for a vaccine is 12 months+


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it was only a matter of time

spread n' slide


Corona beer firm reeling after 8% slide due to coronavirus

Damage to share price has become more severe in recent days as infections spread

from: https://www.irishtimes.com/business/markets/corona-beer-firm-reeling-after-8-slide-due-to-coronavirus-1.4187270

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4 hours ago, Rubin Farr said:

For the fashion conscious Millennial




I'm really starting to wish I would have plunked down for this, now...


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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to Coronavirus COVID-19

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