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9 minutes ago, jules said:

They would never tell us if he did.

he's gonna go spread it among his base  when he insists on having rallies. 

it'll be  interesting though.  if he yields and cancels his rallies he's going to get into a kind of stupor w/o that validation from his base.. the cheers, the clapping the banter.. i imagine it'll hit him after  a few weeks and donny will be a sad little toddler  moping around. 

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grandpa in the ICU .. doctors giving him a 50/50 chance. oof. miserable.

Well after 7 days in a row treating 40-odd patients daily without any available PPE I unsurprisingly came down with coronavirus symptoms on Monday. All feels a bit weird at home as my wife (who also

Thanks Jules!

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1 hour ago, ignatius said:

for 30 days. hmm.. when's that squarepusher show..  oh it's  the 23rd of april. so beyond the 30 days window.   hmmm.. fingers crossed. 

We’re just talking about that now, not sure if it will be canceled or if we will get flight refunds etc. Ideally cases would taper off and it will be safe to go but I’m really not sure! Shitty buzz 

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6 hours ago, Lada Laika said:

If I do that, I’ll be homeless this time next month.

In the same boat where I won’t be able to make it for much longer than a month without working. 

Virtue signalling, self-pitying rant:

I’m doing my best to save up some money and have been picking up canned vegetables and such every time I go shopping trying to build some reserve. Started taking a vitamin D supplement daily after seeing those yt videos posted earlier in this thread and have been buying and giving away bottles of it to people I know. Also constantly washing my hands (which by now is making my skin crack... :cisfor:) and going around with disinfectant and wet wipes to clean the counters and door handles of the 2nd hand shop I take care of in the, probably idle, hope of not becoming a transmitter. Which is starting to be somewhat frustrating, seeing how my colleague considers his hands washed after rinsing them for less than 5 seconds and asking him to please take a wet wipe and some spray to hand a couple of times per day while I’m off and being met with total silence. 
It seems, like others have stated, that general awareness of the importance of trying not to become infected even if the consequences for you as an individual are likely negligible is pretty low. Hurray for Denmark, hope the Dutch government is willing to pull its head from its ass while it’s still relevant. 

Totally off to touch my peen after writing this btw. Can’t wait for the first corona themed porn to pop up. Can’t be long now. 

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Soon the virus is going to be so common they'll stick warnings on EVERYTHING:

may contain peanuts and corona virus


3 minutes ago, Zephyr_Nova said:

Saw a white woman wearing a surgical mask downtown, so I guess my city's finally caught the coronoia.

Kids that wear those designer face masks finally have a reason too. Even though the guy in the joe rogan podcast i posted said the masks won't do anything.

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@Zephyr_Nova It comes in through the air that you breath and those masks aren't rated to filter that.

5 hours ago, yekker said:

Well this was educational and somewhat frightening 

This was great. Thanks for sharing that.

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sounds like wearing the masks if you are sick  is helpful to others. and perhaps the N95 masks that are fitted properly are helpful a little but the best thing a person can do is socially isolate. don't breath the same air as other people :cisfor:

so i'm getting a scuba tank and scuba mask and will be taking my own air w/me everywhere. 

i really hope these fucks in congress spill out some sick leave type aid package. the GOP cock blocked the first one the house passed so hopefully there will  be a new one. the idea of stopping payroll taxes is a big deal. big dumb idea. it basically would put a huge hole in social security and medicare. they need to just kick out some cash to people in a gov't non-taxable check based on salary and whatever qualifications make sense. 

fat chance  in this country since nothing makes sense anymore. 


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51 minutes ago, Stickfigger said:

Life is like a box of chocolates; enough of it and you'll end up obese and with diabetes

diabeetus and obesity are risk factors for coronavirus. chance of serious complications go up. america will be fine though. 



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going full monty here..highest infection rate in our country..i suspect total lockdown in 3-5 days..weather's nice though..

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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to Coronavirus COVID-19

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