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    • By Love
      The KK - Sunyoma - Release
      Acid - New beat influences - Techno 
    • By Herr Jan

      A MIKE DRED D.I.Y PRODUCTION.  NOT PROFESSIONALLY MASTERED. BUT WHO ACTUALLY CARES IN 2017 ANYWAY?   ----------   Bringing back the great Chimera alias for a nice 2 track release. I really hope this is a taster for more in this style, I always absolutely loved the Chimera releases and this actually sounds really refreshing
    • By Extralife
      I’m raving in my pajamas tonight. Hell yeah.
    • By Uros
      This is something I've been wondering a long time and thought to finally get my hands into. So if someone has done the tracklist for the Innovations in the dynamics of acid mix please post it here. Would be cool if I could finally edit the metadata of the files to correspond the original vinyl tracks. So what I'm after is the names of the tracks or colour+track number. You don't have to dig them yourself though if you haven't got them ready, I will try to sort them out myself. Only thought to ask here first to spare some effort. Google nor Discogs didn't give me anything.
    • By murve33
      Over the years people have stated several tracks in the Universal Indicator series were done by specific people. Of course, I never jotted any of it down. I know some are Aphex Twin, some are Mike Dredd, and some (like two or something) are Grant Wilson-Claridge. For all I know others were involved too.
      So, which tracks belong to who? This isn't Jazz, is it?
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