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Stazma - Shapeshifter [2xLP - Concrete Collage]

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It's been a long time coming to say the least but here is the first Stazma full length album in more than 10 years.

"Shapeshifter takes it's name from my will to move forward. Trying not to repeat the same formula over and over, giving new shapes to my music whilst retaining a
breakcore attitude.

This album is an exploration of all the music that I have enjoyed the most over the last five years. I had to digest a lot of different influences and let myself
break from my habits to create all those tracks."

From the cold dubby echos of "Glimpses", to the heavy dark ambient drones of "ENd...", this records it is to be taken in it's full form, it has been thought as whole "story".

We hope you will be enjoying this and that it will draw more attention to Concrete Collage, so we can bring more exposure to new and less well-known artists.

releases April 1, 2020

Music : Everything by Julien Guillot aka Stazma the Junglechrist

Artwork :

- Original drawings and sculpture by Teddy Ros : www.ros-teddy.com

- Photos by Sebastein Cugnez : 500px.com/sebastiencgz

- Layout by Tristan Spella : entre-chien-et-loup.com

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haven't listened yet, but the tracklist looks top notch


01 - LFO - Freak [Warp Records]
02 - Squarepusher - Vicsynth13 Test Track 1 [Warp Records]
03 - Lee - Tundra [Forthcoming on Concrete Collage]
04 - Tout Casser - Broken What [Brainwaves]
05 - RTR - Reward |Analogical Force]
06 - EOD - Nyarlathotep [bbbbbb records]
07 - Stazma - Triton [Concrete Collage]
08 - dgoHn - Dolorous Dick'ead [Astrophonica]
09 - MDS - All The Distortion [Self Release]
10 - EDM - MR Happy V1a [EDM]
11 - Bewwip - FINALLY EARLY 2 6B 1 [Analogical Force]
12 - Squarepusher - Terminal Slam [Warp Records]
13 - Stazma - Pinball Trauma [Concrete Collage /// Shapeshifter pre-order bonus track]
14 - end.user - A Black Box (Brooklyn Version) [Self Release]
15 - Monster X - Rejekt [Opal Tape]
16 - Stazma - Stern [Concrete Collage]
17 - fxbip - Osmo4 [Forthcoming on Concrete Collage]
18 - Ruby My Dear - Mumy [Love Love Records]
19 - RTR - UntilienX5 [Analogical Force]
20 - Stazma - Solarium [Concrete Collage]
21 - Wisp - Hall Of Kings [Terminal Dusk]
22 - Snares Man! ‎– Breakbeat Malaria [History Of The Future]
23 - Dr. Lefty - Log On [Reject Records]
24 - The Bug & Daddy Freddy - Run The Place Red (AFX Mix) [Men Records]
25 - Stazma The Junglechrist - Mash Up The Place [Peace Off Records ltd]
26 - Techdiff - Eat Drink Fuck (Rotator Sick As Fuck Rmx) [Peace Off Records - Brother In Blood]
27 - Whourkr - Maximum Speed Limit Monotone Snare Audition [Ad Noiseam]

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Yes, the album is amazing! Great breakcore, nice variety... last time I felt this over B-Core was Ruby My Dear years back....

The digital is pay what you want on Bandcamp

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Just grabbed this yesterday, and he put out a 2 track mini ep here - https://stazma-the-junglechrist.bandcamp.com/album/voltage-songs-ep


^ the two tracks are stellar, haven’t had a chance to listen through the album yet though. 

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