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The Elusive Man - Advanced Generation

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Phenomenal collection of ambient-techno jams from Darren Nye (aka Elusive Man/Plankton Warrior).  "Celestial Being Intervention" is one of the most lush techno/electro tunes I've heard in years. Rest of the tracks are not far behind.

He also shared with me his is releasing his first proper album (2LP) in early April on the Childhood Intelligence label.  If you've heard his eps on Firescope or Revoke you know it will be good. 


Great time to pick up on this hugely underrated artist if you haven't yet. 

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thanks for the tip, checked out some tunes on the bandcamp and its exactly the kind of stuff i've been looking for after getting into derek carr recently [but wanting something a little more b12/A.R.T]

really nice stuff here

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