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Rob pls


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When recording their live sets before releasing albums:

Sean is like: "Enough with these foggy synths Rob, pls. Let's have us some good ol' bangers."

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every time spaces how v comes on my brain does happy soothing chemicals. 

in Attenborough's voice: "We can witness here a rare event; an ancient tribe of knob twiddlers and vinyl cultivists attempt to summon one of their gods by chanting his name in various forms. Thei

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2 hours ago, dingformung said:

the fact that they have two albums up their sleeves...

That’s what I’ve been thinking... 🤔 

...maybe that’s why their albums sound so uniform and different from one to another. 

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3 hours ago, dingformung said:

The previews were very tasty, that's for sure

They’re no longer on the page! 😞
... did you record them?!

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such wow, especially considering we're all living in a siMMMulation (or at least this is all a sweet figment o' mine)

RoBBB pls, we already know the green disc is u maetl

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On 9/3/2020 at 1:13 PM, eclipsis said:

it's not fair that Bob's thread has only half the pages Sam's has... u guys suck 😞

Bob might be more introverted but don't forget he's prettier

it's not about hte thumner of pageges but the number of typos pir posht. 

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Alas PPPP (puff puff pass protocol) suspended indefinitely during covid

All I know is that those 'chre bros better not be mixing any tobacco in their weed

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    • By vamos scorcho
      so apparently this is coming out this week.
      according to Twitter reports from a live show, Shields said this is out in "2 or 3 days maybe" and proceeded to play 2 new songs.
      words cannot do justice!
    • Guest Frankie5fingers
      By Guest Frankie5fingers
      I'd like to make a tribute album to Rob and Sean to say thanks for taking so much time outta their schedules just to answer our questions (no matter how stupid some of them seemed). It really was a great gift from them and i say we return the gesture by making a tribute album.
      Lets show them that WATMM love i know you all have for these guys!
      -Deadline is January 18th (these are the holidays and i don't want to rush anyone that might be spending the time with family. if needed I may push it back a week or two.)
      -Submissions can be sent here: [email protected]
      -the tracks can be covers or originals (if original keep it to the flavor of Autechre)
      -please submit in Lossless format (.wav, .flac, etc...)
      -I will be mastering the album (unless someone else would like to offer their services)
      -If someone would like to make cover art that would be greatly appreciated (I suggested using Jules "Thank You" pic as the cover but if someone has a better idea id love to hear/see it).
      again, lets show these guys that we appreciate what they did for us!
    • By Joyrex
      Sean and Rob of Autechre have graciously agreed to subject themselves to you, the Autechre fans for a "ask anything" - you'll have until 7 November, 2013 to post your questions here in this thread, and Sean and Rob will choose which posts to respond to - try to ask interesting and respectful questions, and a HUGE thanks to Sean and Rob for supporting WATMM, and keeping in touch with their fans. We're really fortunate to have great electronic musicians with a long history of making cutting-edge electronic music here among us!
    • By kaini
      anybody else grow vegetables?
      here's my garden:

      star pupil:


      (the leaves are absolutely delicious in a salad, too)

      (we already ate most of the first crop. if you harvest them when small and slice them very thinly using a cheese slicer, they are incredible in salads)

      saw the first fruits last week. we're gonna have more tomatoes than we know what to do with.
      rocket, parsley, and chives:

      you can't STOP these motherfuckers growing. in the event of an apocalypse, i'll have salad.
    • By kiya
      Hope to hear where they're going next.
      I feel like Exai was the most fully realized album in years so a follow-up EP should be great.
      (artwork is by tDR, as expected)
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