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Something happening with “polyend” next autumn?

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Received mine yesterday.  Haven't had much time to mess around with it yet, but so far I'm enjoying it.

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all this tracker talk.. Tim Lamb (trash80) working on a pretty slick little gameboy/lsdj inspired device.   

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Wondering how people are enjoying their Trackers.

I'm constantly on the fence about ordering one, but will probably eventually get one of every tracker on the planet.

Can you adjust playback direction/speed per slice of a sliced sample? One of my favorite things to do is dedicate some slices to normal playback and others to ping pong/reversed/time stretched.

Does the lack of synths onboard bother anyone? I've created synths out of samples plenty of times in Renoise but eventually I get to a point where I want more traditional sounds and alternate ways of achieving them.

How is the file management system? I feel like having that massive jog wheel would help a lot in navigating sample folders. 

The thing that bugs me the most about it is I don't really see how "portable" it really is. It doesn't have batteries or speakers so you basically need to plug this into power and some speaker where ever you go. It also seems rather large in demo videos. I don't even know where I'd put it in my currently cramped studio. I hope I'm wrong about all of this.

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I'm getting mine this weekend,  finally. Plan to use it on the go with one of the jbl speaker powerbanks. Am wondering about the screen brightness/quality myself.

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Firmware V1.2.0 is out, adds a ton of useful things:





Changes from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0
– Added pattern Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo, Duplicate, Expand and Shrink actions from the Screen buttons level in the Pattern section
– Hold down the Pattern screen button in the Pattern mode to see the occupied patterns as lit up pads,
– Group step selecting and preview in the Pattern view is now available in the green mode,
– Mute labels in the Pattern view when Shift is pressed,
– Track renaming is now possible,


– Added automatic sample conversion algorithm in the Sample Loader.
– Confirmation popup for instrument replace & delete actions in the Sample Loader section,
– Completely rebuilt Sample Loader section,
– Implemented sample “de-clicking” algorithm.


– Added Overdrive real-time effect (both in Instrument Parameres and as a “D” Step Fx),
– Added EQ Fx in Sample Editor section,
– Added Overdrive Fx in Sample Editor section,
– Added Fade In/Out Fx functions in Sample Editor section,
– Added Normalizer Fx in the Sample Editor section got moved to the top of the list,
– New slower LFO speed values (all but Amp): 48, 64, 96, 128 were added,


– Added tempo tap function,
– Change the BPM value in decimal values (0.1) with the Shift key pressed,
– Press and hold the Tempo screen button to edit the BPM (this will prevent accidental tempo changes),
– In the Song mode, it’s now possible to switch between the Play Pattern and Play Song without stopping the sequence,
– Updated Song mode interface. A Green mode was added where the screen scrolls with the timeline and the Red mode for edition.


– Added playback mode icons in the sections top bars (headers),
– Implemented MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) which basically lets you browse the files and folders stored on your SD card from a computer level,
– Limit of 100 files per folder behaviour is changed. The Tracker will automatically divide folders carrying more than 100 files into subfolders.


– Added two new Master screens for per track, reverb & delay, dry mix volume levels with mute & solo in full range,
– Added ability to raise the volume above 0 dB using Gain, both for instruments and mixer,
– Track volume, Reverb and Delay Send Fx values are now displayed in dB,
– Master volume is now global, not per project,


– The notes/instruments used in the pattern sequences can be now visually displayed on the grid of pads (Config function),
– Sequence step enumeration is now available in decimal or hexadecimal values as a Config choice,
– Visual updates in the Config and introductory descriptions for the featured functions,
– New Config setting for Send Fx’s: Post-fader/Pre-fader selection,
– New Config setting for master Limiter Fx: Subtle/Hard selection,
– Added sample anti-aliasing on/off toggle switch in the Config,
– Firmware files are now being sorted by the version number,
– Added Reset Config function in the Firmware section,


– It’s now possible to play pads and use the sequencer over the MIDI output in the Sample Recorder section,
– New external MIDI recording options in Config – only notes/velocity/microtiming/velocity+microtiming,
– Start/Stop live recording without stopping the sequencer,


– Added new Custom Pattern Play mode with ten variations in the Performance section,
– Implemented Green/Red mode in the Performance section,



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Been beta testing the in progress firmwares for a while now and really like how active the development is, though it feels like some of the stuff should have been covered at launch imo. Happy that they have implemented hexadecimal numbering for lines in the pattern view so at least patterns start at 0 and bar starts make more sense. With the decimal numbering starting patterns on the 1, I feel like tracking drunk sometimes trying to find an accustomed structure, numbers that are stuck from tracking over the years. 

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