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Self Isolation Piano Recordings

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6 hours ago, brian trageskin said:

nice, i hope you'll manage to make music teaching and playing your full-time job. life's too short not to make your passion your job. 

btw care to share personal compositions or jams if you have some? i know i'm the only one interested but i'm just curious to hear your personal stuff, if you care enough. you could post them under a different name if you don't want your real name attached to them. 

I actually dont compose for piano atall man. The mere concept in the face of the giants of composition of whom it takes me months to even learn a single piece by is offputting and frankly i dont think i have the skill to add anything to the reptoire that already exists. i prefer finding the most interesting and lesser known pieces that i can play with conviction and learning them. Im trying to learn jazz improv but its literally like learning a new instrument because i can sight read fluently. completely different way of operating your brain. appreciate your interest though.

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some cheesy belters in there, this is a demo for my first wedding im playing whenever weddings are allowed to continue

Poulenc - Melancholie
Burton Lane - On A Clear Day
Debussy Arabesque 1
Over The rainbow
Love Letters
George Shearing - Wendy
Chopin - Nocturne No.9 in B Major
Debussy - Reverie
Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde

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my english isn't good enough for me to convey correctly what i have in mind but i'll try anyway:

one has to step away from the shadow of giants in order to shine. what i mean is, yeah what's the point in trying to add anything to what's already been said when you're competing with the likes of, say bartok or ravel. i'm not saying one should be arrogant or ignorant enough to presume their creation stands a chance next to the great masters. but music can be clumsy yet remain interesting. plus the more you practice the better you get at it (if you learn from your errors and fix them one by one). everyone has a bag of tricks, you just have to select, combine and find solutions to get from one place to the next. dude, composition is easy, don't be a fucking baby (just kidding obviously)

anyway that's just me talking out of my ass, you're probably pragmatic and don't give a rat's ass about making tunes on the piano. then use what you're about to learn with jazz improv and create on the spot. 

nice demo btw, good job. brides are gonna love it 


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