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Anyone here Speak Japanese?

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I need a small translation. auto translate is not too good with this one. 

Id really appreciate it


Just a couple bits about a jack and a button I can't quite understand. Thanks



Roland MicrComposer MC-4A




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The Google Translate site actually handles it pretty well (I am a student of Japanese), enough to get the general meaning of what they are saying.

Regarding the jacks - they are basically saying the jacks are loose, but it will not affect operation (I read this as a plug won't be as tight as you would expect it to be, but won't be so loose as to cause a loss of contact, etc.).

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ok, Thank you

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yandex can be very handy. copy and paste or even submit photo. https://translate.yandex.com/


I bought it 38 years ago and used it for several years, followed by a modular synth 、
Then I fell asleep in the warehouse because I no longer use it.
It is now out because there are no plans for future use .
I think that the MC-4 is a tight performance compared to the sequencer of the personal computer.
- Since the operation of the push switch was uncertain, after removing all pusin switches from the base plate, like a picture
We disassembled and maintained all the switches for the reason of the Switch contact failure.
The Switch used for the MC-4 will not work due to aging ( almost all of them will be impure and the Switch will not work 、
Non-maintenance items will no longer be used as products .
You have already confirmed the operation of the Switch.
- There is a part of the input / output terminal where the Jack is inserted and removed loosely, but there is no problem in the operation .
There are fine scratches near the right side of the acrylic board, and there is a sense of use in its own way, but there are no noticeable scratches and dirt.
Please download it from the URL below.
http: //lib.roland.co.jp/support/jp/manuals/res/63206072/MC-4_j.pdf?_ga=2.60105711.352260924.1583115392-
After the goods arrive, it will be returned only if there is a failure of the underlying operation, such as a switch failure within 1 Week ."

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whatever this is, it's an IDM as fuck thing to need help with.

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