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12 hours ago, auxien said:

weird site, good read: https://components.one/posts/bandcamp-the-chaos-bazaar

can skip most of the details in the charts if you're not interested, text summarizes it well enough for the most. lots of 'info' in the first half, lots of shitting on Spotify in the second (so imo a very good article). 

Interesting stuff. Their conclusion here is questionable, though (page 11, 'Domestic Generosity'):


On average, buyers are more generous to artists in their own countries. This is not specific to certain countries or regions, and it appears to have nothing to do with relative currency strength. It is true for every single country in the top 50 countries studied, and it is probably true for those beyond the top 50 as well.

Fully elucidating the meaning of this graph requires volumes; in an earlier conception of this project, it was the report's main focus. But we're not even halfway done, so we're going to keep this part short: People are compelled to spend money on things with which they self-identify.

I would say that since you're more likely to know artists from your own country then you're more likely to pay for and be generous to artists from your own country. Another interesting notion that should have been entertained is this question; how many people that bought music also upload their own music? Since its main audience is independent musicians, then it also makes sense that musicians in a scene buy each other's music (like we've seen here in this very thread). So rather than forming an abstract conclusion like the one they came to, there's a more concrete argument that can be formed.

There's also this bit towards the end:


The company should also step into a more experimental mode of operation that a totally behaviorally oriented business model demands to fully work. If people spend more on artists with whom they share a city, see if directly promoting work in their cities induces more spending.

Sounds like they're advocating for ad targeting, which is something I hate and love that BC doesn't do. It feels a lot more real and honest without aggressive marketing. I do like being able to browse by city, too. It was pretty handy when I was booking shows before the pandemic.

At any rate, it was a nice read. Thanks for sharing.

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^that James Bernard is sounding nice

i'm definitely picking this one up today, sounds fun as hell, from Bonding Tapes. 


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forgot to update post buys

5265C94D-6545-4625-A8C3-55590CC91BD4.thumb.jpeg.c97e20da808498c2b1001c0f1d8e692b.jpeg  5E186DBA-EFD6-45DE-82F1-E4EC19C11F26.thumb.jpeg.440f7718f39474e38d6241b4d1ec428a.jpeg 

there’s some good stuff in that undisclosed series (i generally think the anonymous artists thing is meh/lame but it’s worth ignoring here imo), grab it now if you haven’t as i think the thread on here mentioned it’s about to go as unlisted

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On 5/7/2021 at 5:11 PM, auxien said:

^that James Bernard is sounding nice

i'm definitely picking this one up today, sounds fun as hell, from Bonding Tapes. 


Thanks for your support! You're one of the Day Ones!

Check out our latest by Torito & Jumbled 'Music For The Rapture'. Underground Hip Hop, Lo fi Beats. Raps on Side A, Instrumentals on Side B.


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