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Lada Laika - In the Absence of Purpose

Lada Laika

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Today, in the midst of our current global crisis, Bandcamp has decided to give 100% of all sales directly to the artists, who are all struggling. While it is not ideal circumstances, I take it as a sign & present my third album, “In the Absence of Purpose.” 

The gestation of these songs is extremely varied. Some are new, some would be old enough to walk & talk if they were human. But it wasn’t until I began to share some of them through live performance that the concept behind “Absence” began to coalesce. 

“Absence,” though originally conceived through fatigue, anxiety, & stress, instead became an exercise in catharsis. & if anything, helped me to draw the curtains from my eyes to reveal the privilege & blessing of a strong, unified support network of fellow creatives.

Any support you can send is more than enough, & I cannot express how deeply thankful I am to be surrounded by such a vibrant, beautiful, & talented community. 

For those interested, I have also released my entire discography at a discounted rate. If you are still interested, but you do not have the financial means, DM me for a download code. 

Thank you for your ears & your support.


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