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Favorite all time BoC track (currently)

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On 5/21/2022 at 11:37 PM, perunamuusi said:

It's obviously telephasic workshop or sixtyten. Any other answer is wrong and/or stupid. These are the facts. It's science guys.

This cunt knows the score.

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This is a very difficult question; MHTRTC is such a complete package that any of the tracks, including the shorter interludes, could claim the designation, and there are very strong contenders in the later releases and alias tracks - but the first on my list is, and most probably will always be, is Everything You Do Is A Balloon. Hi Scores is the first BoC record I bought (naturally because it was the first actually released one), and only because at that point Skam was already established as a buy without question label for me. My first edition vinyl of Hi Scores is quite worn and crackly because I listened to and played it so much. Music Is Math is also a strong contender, I was just blown away by it when Geogaddi was released, I repeated it several times before even listening to the rest of the album. Outside the BoC releases proper, Hell Interface's Trapped is definitely it, my MASK 200 has seen a lot of play, regardless of its price or collectable status.

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