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VHS Head - TBD 2020 (hopefully)


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Figured I’d get a thread going for this. VHS Head has been hinting at something new coming hopefully in the next few months. Not sure if our world collapsing is going to postpone this, I certainly hope not. He is one of my favorite artists with a flawless output. 


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1 hour ago, Alcofribas said:

fuck ye$$$$$$nes$$


1 hour ago, beer badger said:

Loved the first album and still play it from time to time. POVision didn't really do much for me. I look forward to the third.

POV is awesome, some of us ackshulally rate it a notch above TROG!  Horses for courses but it's not to be ridden off m666!

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TROG > POV for me and that comes down to the Feels department, but POV had better production. Horses for courses indeed - I'd rather listen to POV in the car and TROG is a trustier companion for slogging through code and unreasonable deadlines. None of that shit matters though, what does is I have no doubt that this is gonna be good.

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