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Plaid - Technical Overlord (BUT...)

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Spotify trolling us again with some nobody with the same name coming in once again with 3... uhhh… short electro-type tracks. And they're kinda good??? I'm sad since I've been clamoring for a new EP from the HUGE Plaid, but sadly, not right now. I guess this could hold me over? Still, funny and I let Plaid know that this happened.



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So weird – I just ran into this on Spotify via Release Radar. Put it on, sounded enough like Plaid that I wasn't immediately caught off guard although a bit rough/unfinished/basic, until I noticed how short the tracks were and I began to wonder what the hell this was. So yeah this is far too similar to the real Plaid, in the sense that it's IDM/ambient techno, to be using the same name. GTFO

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