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4utechre: Tbh it’s the same jam I just left it running 4utechre: Have fun enjoy the outside fffreddy_: I figured you'd have taken the stream down by now to make changes 4utechre: Not too m


8 hours of...  

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So I couldn't figure out what it was doing yesterday.  Music didn't seem to be reacting to visual changes at all, and vice versa....



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On 5/4/2020 at 12:22 AM, Amen Lare said:

I made a pissnoise track out of a small fragment of the first stream (added external melodic layer for the flow), thanks to bitroast for uploading and user James Kelly for highlighting one of the cool parts in the comment section


i luv it!

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6 hours ago, Soloman Tump said:

So I couldn't figure out what it was doing yesterday.  Music didn't seem to be reacting to visual changes at all, and vice versa....

from twitch chat, some illumination perhaps:

Broadcaster4utechre: all the synths are just playing whatevers in the frame at that point

Broadcaster4utechre: it scans the frame line by line top to bottom

Broadcaster4utechre: r g b are 3 diff channels so i use all 3 but i put red stuff lower, green around the mid and blue for the cooler feeling higher stuff, idk i did it by taste

Broadcaster4utechre: and then combine the 3 and the output is the oscilattor out

Broadcaster4utechre: the frame is actually 3 diff matrices overlaid if you like, r g and b

Broadcaster4utechre: so i can use all 3 so i used a crossover to split them across the spectrum

Broadcaster4utechre: 2 crossovers

Broadcaster4utechre: so i put red stuff lower freq, green stuff is sort of melodic midrange, and blue is anything above that

Broadcaster4utechre: i did it to how the sort of warm/cool axis works around sounds in my head idk

Broadcaster4utechre: yeah

_: So, can you dial in colours, or are they chosen randomly
Broadcaster4utechre: its an algorithm

Broadcaster4utechre: colour is p interesting it turns out

Broadcaster4utechre: i like colour best of all the things i got into doing this

Broadcaster4utechre: the visuals are being controlled by certain events but its minimal interaction

Broadcaster4utechre: mostly its about the image changing the sound

_: I guess I’m curious how the visuals are informing the audio if the algorithm is taking the music into account. Is it a feedback loop?
Broadcaster4utechre: its luminance across all 3 clour planes

_: So i dont think s ean programmed key changes
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah the key i just set

Broadcaster4utechre: i can make it keep changing but u might feel sick after a bit


(edit: discussion is going on rn actually...)

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Broadcaster4utechre: all the oscillators in all the synths (incl drums) are reading the same wavetable are their respective frequencies

Broadcaster4utechre: it reads what's on the screen the same way a tv shows an image

Broadcaster4utechre: line by line, across and down

Broadcaster4utechre: each full frame is one cycle

Broadcaster4utechre: but as the oscillators are going at different rates sometimes the data in the wavetable changes before a cycle is complete

Broadcaster4utechre: it interpolates pretty well though

_: So the linear vector of RGB values is the wavetable? What triggers the envelopes?
Broadcaster4utechre: am just using stock objects to do this

Broadcaster4utechre: all the sequencing etc is just existing stuff, as were the synths before i swapped in these oscillators

Broadcaster4utechre: i mean the music is new but the patches used to sequence are existing

_: ahhh yeh so there's still a sequence of on off in each synth yeh?
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah the synths and drums etc are all doing what they would do anyway, just the wavetable in all the oscillators is changing

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A snippet of chat with a few words about methods 

how many layers do you usually have in your tracks?

4utechre: always in 3s

tebbisimo: se an do u ever think the birds whistle back to you

Broadcaster4utechre: all same patter


tebbisimo: cos i think theyn are
tebbisimo: tri repetae guys its gd for u
tebbisimo: and rotate nice n stuff
tebbisimo: damn u make it sound easy
4utechre: layers idk what layers even are in max its all so gluey
tebbisimo: welll if you slow elseq down
tebbisimo: its like complete slices
Broadcaster4utechre: but i dont generally mix through many 'channels'
elehphoo: That explains why you need 3 laptops for a bassline
nixtrove: Its like a big onion so many layers man
emskidoodlepip: this backface culling is gorgeous
tebbisimo: each sound islike on its own
Broadcaster4utechre: not that it means anything any more especially with mc
Broadcaster4utechre: but also with poly~ etc
tebbisimo: mc??
tebbisimo: mind control??
tebbisimo: sjeeeeeet
tebbisimo: i knew it
slacktheplanet: lol
Vueaou: ur jam folder sounded almost like release
tebbisimo: se an part of MK ultra confirmed
Vueaou: i was like whaaaa
Broadcaster4utechre: im like talking to one person lol
2020pizza: hi
tebbisimo: hi
tebbisimo: se an if a lorry drives past u see a co lour or just music
slacktheplanet: lol
evilslob666: its just your cat
tebbisimo: dont bring my pussy into thi
tebbisimo: hey Daniella and aleksey are awfully quiet
Broadcaster4utechre: idk probably not just a matter of using enough cpu really but mc is making things accessible sooner
Vueaou: guys feel tired and bit of sick, gota sleep. cya. thanks everyone for chat n unban stuff, cya , Se4n have a good one < 3
tebbisimo: what is this!>??
slacktheplanet: np cya vu
elehphoo: Cya vu
Vueaou: [email protected] i always do lol
Broadcaster4utechre: idk theres no usual really with me can be 99% or 5%
tebbisimo: cant kid a kidda
Broadcaster4utechre: depending on methods
instrumentsdisorder: i've been wondering if there's any reason to use poly~ instead of mc besides just that i'm used to it
Broadcaster4utechre: not particularly
elehphoo: Do you ever miss busting out the R8 or Monomachine?
instrumentsdisorder: but i don't really understand mc very well
tebbisimo: yeh do u miss gear and knobs man
Broadcaster4utechre: mainly just expansion of what was there more channels, porting a chunk of it to m4l
Broadcaster4utechre: there are like 4 concurrent systems now
emskidoodlepip: i've been teaching myself max/msp for a month or two after i treated myself to a subscription under lockdown... how was the learning curve, for those here that are experienced with it? any advice for getting to grips?
nixtrove: this is slightly tilted
Broadcaster4utechre: i mean mine and robs and this thing im mutating into a video thing and the m4 things, oh and robs m4l things so i guess 5 now
instrumentsdisorder: the basic tutorials and documentation are indispensable tbh
Direct Relief - Charity 2018miunau: the mc aggregate control messages are nice, i use harmonic a ton
instrumentsdisorder: also if you can phrase your question right, searching the forums is always a good idea imo
elixir315: this rips
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah its all a bit mad but we can manage this stuff p easy now
emskidoodlepip: i've been following the inbuilt ones thus far, yeah. they're brilliant
nixtrove: nice man
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah always do tutorials im learing a lot in like idk been doing this 4 days now
knivstik: whats m4 things?
instrumentsdisorder: a big part of learning for me was opening up the tutorials and going ham on them with what i already know
Broadcaster4utechre: the opengl stuff anyway
emskidoodlepip: ah, that's a good idea! an empty patch is just really intimidating for me right now, but tinkering with pre-built ones sounds like it could teach me a lot
instrumentsdisorder: also greg taylor's sequencing book is really great
tiltifgibbersebb: is there any relation between this and the confield art?
dopplir: The Tom hall YouTube workshop from a few weeks ago was really good
emskidoodlepip: @knivstik thank you! i take it that it's from scratch?
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah u know when u realise all those 2d processes that are a bit choppy on video are actually useful with gl
dopplir: You can follow that along as a complete beginner
instrumentsdisorder: omg yes
knivstik: and very well explained
dopplir: Even though there’s some advanced stuff in there
Broadcaster4utechre: im enjoying jitter it feels like its made to be fun
knivstik: do you reuse a lot of your modules?
instrumentsdisorder: s mentioned reading manuals, i learned a lot personally by recreating common synth configurations from hardware in the box
nixtrove: on the phone with cycling 74 they said to use more snare rolls
elixir315: lol
slacktheplanet: they always say that
knivstik: if so do you have some sort of strategy for keeping a standard for the input the modules take?
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah
Broadcaster4utechre: we do
instrumentsdisorder: oh yeah they said they don't use MIDI anymore
instrumentsdisorder: so i imagine they have their own protocol
instrumentsdisorder: i have dreams about it
Noneuclidean: no need for tdr anymore just take screenshots from this stream for album covers
5474n01d: did you see that the guy who made the plyPhon fan music video uploaded a 4K high quality version of it few days back?
knivstik: can you explain some more about this standard?
nixtrove: that music vifro is dope
nixtrove: video
nixtrove: very accurate
instrumentsdisorder: i built a thing to "load patches on the downbeat", as it were. thx for that one s :3
instrumentsdisorder: except the thing i built loads them on the note-off
tebbisimo: se an if we bought NTS are we allowed to sample it?
Broadcaster4utechre: i mean u can but i dont own the rights to it
tebbisimo: ah shit yeh
Broadcaster4utechre: they prob dont want you to
tebbisimo: they prob can never work it out tho eh
Broadcaster4utechre: my views on sampling are not the laws view
tebbisimo: good enough for me
slacktheplanet: boss
nixtrove: one my fav track is Lowride
tebbisimo: just didnt wanna be a cnt
knivstik: are you still making music in sunvox?
slacktheplanet: dont ask you dont get
tebbisimo: it nice to jam with u cause you got this weird angularity that realllllly jams with me u kno
tebbisimo: exactly
instrumentsdisorder: i wonder how much of the oversteps sequencing informs your modern sequencing
Broadcaster4utechre: i think if ur gonna draw a line anywhere with sampling it should be on does the sample stop people buying the roiginal, like are they gonna buy the sampled one instead
Broadcaster4utechre: if thats what it is then yeah idk maybe too far
tebbisimo: hahah nah i think ppl like u 4 u m8
emskidoodlepip: ooh, that's a good maxim... i'll use that
hedgehog_legs: Nice.
tebbisimo: who the f am i
instrumentsdisorder: that's a good place to draw the line
nixtrove: Have you ever used an amen break s34n?
instrumentsdisorder: can you please include in your will the source of the deco Loc samples
tebbisimo: haha thats why theres 2 albums coming @nixtrove
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah we did not saying on what though
Broadcaster4utechre: amens
tebbisimo: theyre doing Luke VIbert style
Broadcaster4utechre: also its funny how no one ever noticed
tebbisimo: owww shiiit
nixtrove: i never noticed hahahaha xD
nixtrove: i will keep digging you
mreurostile: lol haha
hedgehog_legs: Haha.
Broadcaster4utechre: i checked the samples on that lockdown loops thing lukes done, right good
tebbisimo: yehhhhhh
tebbisimo: bought them straight away
slacktheplanet: yeah man
Broadcaster4utechre: almost made me want to make some loop music
tebbisimo: se an cant u do some gonks like that
tebbisimo: pleeeease mate
tebbisimo: do it
slacktheplanet: lol
evilslob666: lol
tebbisimo: 4 charity
tebbisimo: charge silly money and give it to homeless
tebbisimo: and half u or whatever
tebbisimo: id snap em up that would be sickl
knivstik: how often do you start a new max patch from scratch?
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah i need to dig into that thing
Broadcaster4utechre: all had that shuffle lol
tebbisimo: bandcamp man
tebbisimo: on the Skam bit
tebbisimo: ah nah thats bleep too ennit
tebbisimo: just make up some BS
Broadcaster4utechre: i love bandcamp
tebbisimo: we'll find ya
tebbisimo: we'll sniff youn out. its the best man
instrumentsdisorder: 6852 is a massive tune
tebbisimo: I just hate they are now in bed with paypal
tebbisimo: I cant order Vinyls now
instrumentsdisorder: rip
tebbisimo: some are wise to it and say email them but
Broadcaster4utechre: yeah idk about paypal
dopplir: Ever make a zero-context Bandcamp find?
Broadcaster4utechre: i just like it for finding cool shit
emskidoodlepip: @tebbisimo what'd i miss with them and paypal??
instrumentsdisorder: what have you been listening to?
slacktheplanet: yeah its begining of the end
slacktheplanet: bandcamp 2.0 needed
enwave64: yeah, i feel like i've been getting more and more music just from bandcamp
Broadcaster4utechre: so much easier on there than anywhere else rn idk why rn its just weird
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I'd be happy to see some of the visualizations from this past week used as an album cover. 

I'm pretty tired of the black&white jagged geometry that tDR have been stuck on for the past ~decade 

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20 minutes ago, splesh said:

Is anyone ripping this? Please don't forget to keep me in the loop, my friends!

bitroast usually uploads these streams, all the videos are on his channel:

On 4/27/2020 at 5:47 AM, ignatius said:

8 hours of...



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Thanks Amen Lare, but it's mostly the stuff that sounds like S&R making new sounds and the CG shapes I'm after

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15 minutes ago, splesh said:

Thanks Amen Lare, but it's mostly the stuff that sounds like S&R making new sounds and the CG shapes I'm after

Just look at the latest videos on that channel. And it's not S&R, it's only S

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