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4utechre (Ae twitch.tv)


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6 minutes ago, fizzkinz said:

sounds different, more rhythm-forward, from most of what I was hearing Monday & Tuesday

No I mean the emojis don’t affect the sound 

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oh boys,  that stuff is cool !

didn't check the 4techre twitch channel for a time, (last time was the , says, "v.2", chopped vid/sounds thing)

enjoying it right now. this will be my lullaby for tonight

thanks for reporting (....err... well that's what watmm is for , keeping updated with ae.. ? )


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is the chat text auto-glitched by the channel,  or are chatters having fun posting emjojis-painting art ?

that's even more cool

..oh ok i get it, the chat text is interacting with the video. so fun.

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