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Condolences to Richard for losing his dad

Time Tourist

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I cant say how much I appreciate your message dude - very kind of you to reply, and im really sorry about your dad also. ano man, ffs really puts a lot of shit into perspective ha. just joined this right after it happened as I knew sound deep cunts like yourself would get the vibe. stone in focus in particular is deeply affecting and helping a lot tbh. that's very comforting about your dreams with your dad really cool to hear that. I cant wait for that. thanks again mate.

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On 1/18/2021 at 10:51 PM, kev_belfast1 said:

hey all, just joined this site and found this thread ha. my dad died tonight - sorry to join the morbid convo - but getting a lot of solace from these forums and listening to blue calx, tha and stone in focus a lot right now - seems to capture the immensity of the situation. Look after your loved ones all - nothing is forever. peace X


Sorry to read your father passed dude. That's really tough. What you say about getting solace from SAW II is so true and very close to home for me - only the other day I was telling a friend about how I found it very difficult listening to music during the time my Dad was passing back in 2005. It felt, in a way, disrespectful to engage with anything too upbeat, and then perhaps too indulgent to listen to anything too downbeat or sentimental. So it was Blue Calx that got me through that period, along with Radiohead - "Treefingers". 

On that token, Stars of the Lid are an act I've gotten very in to the past few years. Poignant in the extreme, but definitely hugely comforting in the right measures. "Tired Sounds" is an album that's gotten me through some tough times and well worth a goo


I hope you and family are doing ok dude 


Hello from Dublin!

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