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3 Vibert albums forthcoming


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On 8/1/2020 at 4:55 PM, Snickerfritz said:

I'd love to hear something of substance about how this one is better. Rave Hop has grown on me a lot, but it's still striking me as a little too bare bones. Modern Rave had much more dynamic, erm, acrobatic, for lack of a better word, and funner moments. Rave Hop is kind of just beats and samples. Where are the bass lines?! Bass lines seem a little underdeveloped to me. My ranking of the series hasn't changed. Not saying I'm right and everyone else is wrong, not even saying Rave Hop isn't great (it is). Just that it ranks third in the series, FOR ME!

I think rave hop has a certain rhythm, a swing to it in the beats that most closely approximates his Wagon Christ releases which is my favourite moniker of his. Some of the samples in modern rave are off putting to me, where in rave hop they just seem to fit properly. I dunno ?‍♂️

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I really couldn't get into these and I struggle to tell any of the tracks apart. But my first impressions of Recepticon are much more positive; so I've been thinking about it and decided the problem was these are Play-Out Tracks. They're super polished EQ-wise and probably sound excellent on a big system, but are too homogenous to interest my ears for extended home listening.

Possibly this is why he didn't release Rave Hop as Wagon Christ - despite being downtempo, it's still meant for the club.

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